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The NCI Online Sales and Marketing Academy
Easy to digest videos that will teach you the most effectives 
Sales & Marketing techniques for your accounting firm.
Content Summary
Lesson #1: Welcome To The NCI Academy!
Lesson #2: How To Succeed With This Program

Lesson #1: Developing A Mission Statement
Lesson #2: The Power Of Goal Setting
Lesson #3: Goal Setting Getting Started!
Lesson #4: Goal Setting Homework
Lesson #5: Goal Setting Closing Thoughts
Lesson #6: S.W.O.T Analysis

Lesson #1: Less Effective Marketing Strategies Than NCI's
Lesson #2: 3 Vital Aspects To Any Successful Marketing Plan
Lesson #3: Positive Word Of Mouth

Lesson #1: Defining Ideal Demographics
Lesson #2: Lead Sources

Lesson #1: Cold Knocking And Referrals
Lesson #2: Cold Calling 101

Lesson #1: Welcome Techno Immigrants!
Lesson #2: You Are Sitting In A Mud Puddle
Lesson #3: Your Website Has One Purpose...
Lesson #4: Build Trust With Social Media
Lesson #5: The Future Of Email Marketing
Lesson #6: The Must Have Google Extensions!
Lesson #7: How We Achieved 580% ROAS on Thumbtack
Lesson #8: Online Scheduling Calendars
Lesson #9: Facebook Best Practices
 - Additional content is currently being created -

Lesson #1: Ideal Candidates For Appointment Setters
Lesson #2: Interviewing Your Appointment Setters & Expectations
Lesson #3: The Most Important Quality...
Lesson #4: Selecting & Hiring Your Appointment Setters
Lesson #5: Compensation & Control

Lesson #1: Getting Past The Gate Keeper
Lesson #2: Rules & Recording For Appointment Setting
Lesson #3: Appointment Setting Materials
Lesson #4: Best Hours For Calling?
Lesson #5: Codes & Commandments
Lesson #1: Statistics For Appointment Setters
Lesson #2: Replacing Appointment Setters 
Lesson #3: Getting The Most Out Of Your Appointment Setting Effort
Lesson #4: Appointment Reports

Lesson #1: The Three P's
Lesson #2: Traits Of A Successful Salesperson
Lesson #3: The Inverted Triangle
Lesson #4: Three Components To Human Influence
Lesson #5: Fear & Friendship
Lesson #6: The Importance Of Your Image
Lesson #7: The Essence Of A Sale

Lesson #1: Needs A Daddy
Lesson #2: Young Vs. Old Mr. Businessman
Lesson #3: Co Conspirator

Lesson #1: Key Questions
Lesson #2: They Already Have An Accountant?!
Lesson #3: They Do Not Have An Accountant

Lesson #1: Practice Makes The Perfect Presentation
Lesson #2: The Client Service Agreement
Lesson #3: The Client Service Agreement Part 2
Lesson #4: The Presentation Binder
Lesson #5: Setting The Fee
Lesson #6: Confirming The Appointment

Lesson #1: The Assumptive Close
Lesson #2: The Action Close
Lesson #3: The Post Dated Check Close
Lesson #4: The Silent Close
Lesson #5: The Ben Franklin Close
Lesson #6: The West Coast Close
Lesson #7: The S Corp Close
Lesson #8: The Staggered Fee Close

Lesson #1: Feel, Felt, Found
Lesson #2: Overcoming The Quick Books Objection
Lesson #3: Think It Over

Lesson #1: Introduction To 21st Century Tax Pros
Digital Marketing for CPAs and Accountants
Reach QUALITY Prospects Where They spend the MAJORITY of their time And Convert Them Into Clients WITH EFFICIENCY!
We have created easy to understand videos about what every accountant should do in the digital space in order to maximize their effort while getting the best results possible.
You will learn everything you need to learn about...
Website optimization
The future of email marketing
Social media best practices
Paid advertising strategies
The best productivity tools
And more!
All of this information has been specifically curated for Accountants and CPAs so that you can save time and money. We have shortened the learning curve with our on-demand training. All you have to do is start using our easy-to-implement techniques that we have successfully tested in our own accounting firm and be prepared to welcome a plethora of new clients!
Our Clients Say It Better Than We Ever Could...
We have hundreds of quotes just like the ones below from all over the U.S.A
Javier Goldin, CPA. Bethesda, MD.
"My company began from scratch two years ago. First year revenues were $220,000 and this, the second year, billings are $400,000 a year. I can tell you decisively that no other marketing technique has been more effective than New Clients Inc's Program. We have followed the script without variation as its effectiveness speaks for itself. NCI's system is simple, methodical and comprehensive."
Susan Haase, CPA. San Francisco, CA.
“We added about $180,000 in the first year. I’m amazed; we did $30,000 in new business in January. In addition to that $30k from January we've added another $20,000 since tax season ended. So we've added about $50,000 in those six weeks alone.”
Jeffrey B. Matthews, CPA. Sulfer, LA.
"I always found myself returning to NCI; their leadership and professionalism has not changed since 2002.  It is the rock-solid foundation of my marketing program. We have secured approximately 35 accounts within the first year, which equates to approximately $9,500 in monthly recurring revenues, or approximately $113,000 a year in new recurring revenue".
Brett Stigall, CPA. Knoxville, TN.
"Last year we grossed about $350,000+. Let me say it this way to put things in perspective, I made almost double last year what I was making at Freddie Mac as a consultant. I drive a GL 450 Mercedes Benz, which I always dreamed of and which I never would have thought possible before starting my practice with NCI."
Arun Sareen, CPA. Manassas, VA.
Using the NCI marketing system my practice grew by 11% resulting in an increase of $500,000 in annual billing”..
Janet B. Kaup, EA. Gainsville, GA.
"I am so thankful for the support you gave during the program and am still IN AWE AND AMAZEMENT(!!!!) at the ease of managing this program and the drastic results it brought about in my practice. Growth breeds growth. "
Matt Jad, CPA. Englewood, CO.
"I started in July of 2015 with no clients and as of the end of 2016 I think we’ll be at about $270,000-$280,000 in annualized billing. It’s been good. I decided to work with you because your system is more reliable, it’s proven fact and it’s been up and running for many years. I’d rather work with a company I can rely on and call for support at any time rather than go with a company that might be a fly-by-night company or one that goes out of business unexpectedly."
 John Rudisill, CPA. Galloway, NJ.
The NCI program is the greatest one out there, the only one anyone should consider. Have anyone call me at any time for a reference.”
Gretl Siler, CPA. Panama City, FL.
I finished my first 8 months in business with $75,000 in actual billings. This did not include a tax season with 225,000 in actual billings. I have outgrown two offices and moving to the third this week. My only regret is it took me 5 years to decide to try your program. Think where I would be if I had started 5 years sooner!
Chuck Taylor, CPA. Panama City, FL.
"Not long after acquiring the firm, we lost one of its largest clients representing about 25% of our income. NCI helped me replace the lost billing and then some in a very short time frame. We added $270,000 in about 10 months which is phenomenal growth by any stretch of the imagination and we continue to grow to this day. I also discovered I could add new clients using their methods at about 50% of the cost to buy clients."
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